Innnes is a reliable, leading and innovative company that is specialized in import, sale and service in the food market, ensuring a quality and safety of food to its customers.

Innnes Quality Policy is made to ensure a quality and safety of food and to make sure that always deliver quality products from the finest ingredients to its customers.

Innnes puts the customer in priority and provides service that take the customer´s expectations into account. Good communication is important, whether internal or external.

Innnes operates a quality system according to the food safety standard ISO 22000, HACCP (GÁMES) regarding to good practices for food companies, certified by BSI Iceland 2019. Innnes meets the requirements for import, storage and distribution of organic products, certified by Tún 2021.

Innnes promotes active quality awareness of employees through organized and regular training. Emphasis is placed on key processes (product reception, correct labeling, storage and distribution), internal controls and auditing, continuous improvement and competence of all employees.

Innnes always takes legal requirements into account.

Innnes quality goals are SMART –  They are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based.

The goals are following:

  • Operated quality system according to ISO 22000 food safety standard. Certified in May 2019
  • Food safety
  • Well-trained and informed staff
  • Safe handling of food
  • Innnes only deals with approved suppliers
  • First-class facilities for an import, storage and distribution of food
Download ISO 22000 Certificate of Registration from BSI
Download Organic Certificate of Registration from TÚN