Login to My Pages at Innnes requires electronic login. By doing so, we ensure the security of your data and make all your administration easier.


By applying for an account with Innnes, you can, among other things, shop for products through our online store. The applicant logs in with an electronic ID and then fills out an application form on behalf of the company.

  • The company in question is in risk category 1-5 according to CIP risk assessment Creditinfo.

  • Neither the company in question nor its representatives are on Creditinfo's default register.

  • If the company falls into CIP 8-10 or the parties in question fall into serious arrears, Innnes may, without further notice, change the account into a cash account.

Information on the issuance of invoices to legal entities, their amount and payment date may be passed on in Creditinfo's Payment Behavior System.
Innnes is authorized to report defaults by legal entities for registration in Creditinfo's default register.

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