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Leading wholesaler in Iceland since 1987!


Innnes is a solid, leading and progressive company dedicated to importing, selling and servicing in the food industry.

Innnes is a leading importer and wholesaler in Iceland, focusing on high quality food products. The company´s headquarters are located in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Innnes employees are around 200 and form a team dedicated in making the company a pioneer in the market. Innnes represents brands from all over the world, a substantial part of those are market leaders. The company is continuously exploring new brands to further strengthen its brand portfolio. Innnes‘ objective is swift service and good personal contact with its customers. The CEO of Innnes is Mr. Magnus Oli Olafsson.
Innnes encompasses strong and experienced sales and marketing divisions as a total of 60 people work in the divisions. The sales divisions are driven by sales representatives who visit customers all around Iceland at least once a month, weekly or daily depending on size of the outlets.
In November 2014, Innnes purchased all the shares in Bur Ltd. Bur Ltd. was founded in 1995 and specializes in the fruit and vegetable market, both domestic and imported produce. Innnes and Bur merged January 1st 2015. With the acquisition Innnes strengthens its relationship with its customers and overall position in the market as it makes Innnes the biggest importer of food products in the Icelandic market

Sales Divison

Sales division is divided into Retail and Food Service. Both consist of dynamic group of people providing excellent customer service and building strong customer relationships. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to further develop sales, armed with latest technology in terms of devices and equipment. Our sales force is one of the biggest in the Icelandic retail and foodservice sector focusing only on food products

Within Retail division we have experts in shelf space management who use their knowledge to spot hot areas and customer’s routes within stores
In Food Service, we have a team educated and trained in the field of cuisine, ranging from chefs and bakers to food technicians. Their broad customer base are everything between small canteens to large food producers and top hotels and restaurants.

Marketing Division

A team of professionals with expert knowledge in sales trends, market development and consumer behavior, working with global brands in close cooperation with brand owners. Planning and executing marketing campaigns, local production as well as local adaptation of TV spots, print ads, PR and online promotions. Our most important challenge is making classic brands relevant to new generations via modern communication of social media and other online venues.

Warehouse & Distribution

A full-service 4000 m2 warehouse with 6.600 pallet space for ambient, frozen and chilled products. Manhattan SCALE system recently implemented to further enhance warehouse operation. Distribution network covering all of Iceland with own car fleet, distributing products in capital area.

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Þegar notendur heimsækja vefsvæði Innnes áskilur félagið sér rétt til að safna ákveðnum tæknilegum upplýsingum um heimsóknina, þ.m.t. tegund vafra, hvaða síður notendur nota innan vefsvæðisins, tímann sem notendur verja. Þetta gerum við m.a. til að bæta upplifun notenda af vefsvæðinu, en upplýsingarnar eru ekki greindar frekar niður á einstaka notendur á persónugreinanlegan hátt.Vefsvæði Innnes takmarkast við lénin www.innnes.is en ekki aðra vefi sem vísað getur verið í af vefsvæðinu (t.d. vefsíður birgja) og ábyrgist Innnes hvorki innihald þeirra né meðferð upplýsinga á þeim svæðum.


Innnes notar ekki persónuupplýsingar þínar í neinum öðrum tilgangi en þeirra var aflað og leggur mikið upp úr því að tryggja öryggi þeirra.